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With state-of-the-art equipment, we transform ideas into precise and innovative packaging solutions.

Excellence through Technology

Offering a variety of products from functional caps to decorative labels, we tailor solutions to your exact specifications.

Endless Possibilities in Plastic

Certified Quality

Our ISO 9001 certification underlines our commitment to quality and excellence in every product we manufacture

Innovation at Core

We leverage cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality packaging solutions

Wide Reach

From our base in Latvia, we've expanded our reach, catering to businesses worldwide


We are committed to a greener future, leveraging recycled and bio-based materials in our products

Gammaplast's Production Technologies

Today we offer our customers packaging made with three technologies - Extrusion blow moulding (EBM), PET stretch blow moulding (SBM) and Polycarbonate extrusion blow moulding.

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Extrusion Blow Moulding (EBM)

Extrusion blow moulding is most often used for the production of packaging dedicated to industrial chemistry, personal care products, automobile chemistry and also to dairy products and other food industries. The materials we use in Extrusion blow moulding: HDPE, PP, LDPE, PCR materials.

PET Stretch Blow Moulding (SBM)

This technology involves heating the PET preform to a certain temperature and blowing it with an SBM machine into a special mould and then cooling it with water. Thanks to this technology, we are able to produce PET bottles and containers of various shapes for different market segments - both for technical liquids and household chemicals as well as food products.

PC Extrusion Blow Moulding

This technology allows us to provide our customers - water producers - with reusable containers. The advantage of this packaging is its durability and ability to withstand 50 or more use cycles, which has a clear economic benefit as well as reducing environmental pollution. At the moment, Gammaplast is the only manufacturer of such packaging in the Baltic market.

Comprehensive Services by Gammaplast

At Gammaplast, we don't just produce packaging; we create bespoke solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs. Our comprehensive suite of services spans the full spectrum of packaging creation, from design and manufacture to customization and post-purchase support.

Our expert design team brings your vision to life. We offer in-depth consultation services, ensuring that we understand your requirements down to the smallest detail. Our commitment is to create designs that resonate with your brand and attract your target audience.

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We listen to your needs and understand your vision

Custom Designs

We create unique designs tailored to your brand

High-Quality Manufacturing

Our advanced manufacturing processes ensure excellent results


Our team brings decades of industry experience to your project

Caps and Closures

The perfect cap or closure is more than functional; it enhances the overall aesthetic of your packaging. We offer a variety of caps and closures, including classic, dispensing, flip-top closures, snap-on, and safety caps. Whatever your needs, we ensure a perfect fit for your product.

Custom Decorations

Our decoration services include designing and applying shrink sleeves, using high-quality, vibrant inks that won't fade or smear. We also offer self-adhesive labels, providing a classic, clean look for any package. For those seeking a more unique presentation, we provide customized solutions like labeling and slip-on caps for niche businesses like juice squeezer operators.

Journey Towards Sustainability

The environmental crisis is a battle we all have a role to play in. At Gammaplast, we are actively taking steps to lessen our impact on the planet. We strive to promote sustainability through our production processes, materials selection, and energy sources.

Gammaplast is keen on perfecting its production process to become fully circular. We efficiently recycle technological waste during production, and any residues that cannot be reintegrated are responsibly recycled by our partners.

Our commitment to a sustainable future extends to our energy sources. Our manufacturing process is fueled entirely by renewable energy. We have a long-term contract with a green energy supplier, ensuring that all our electricity is generated by wind power. We have invested in a substantial number of solar panels to supplement our power supply and reduce our carbon footprint.

Recycled Materials

We utilize large amounts of recycled plastic (r-PET, r-HDPE) and even bioplastics derived from sugarcane.

Wind Power

We have a long-term contract with a green energy supplier, ensuring that all our electricity is generated by wind power.

New Technology

We continue to experiment with recycled materials and biomaterials, ensuring our products meet all sustainability requirements.

Solar Energy

We have invested in a substantial number of solar panels to supplement our power supply and reduce our carbon footprint.

LEAN Principles

Adopting LEAN principles in our workflow, we enhance our efficiency, reduce waste, and boost the quality of our products.

Building Efficiency

We continuously improve the energy efficiency of our buildings, reducing CO2 emissions.


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