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Gammaplast’s Comprehensive Services

At Gammaplast, we believe that our role goes beyond the mere production of packaging solutions. Our clients' success is our success, and to ensure this, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that encompass design, manufacture, and supply of products, caps, and decorations.

Manufacturing Mastery

Manufacturing process is geared toward meeting our clients’ needs and requirements. All segments of the manufacturing cycle are linked in a comprehensive, fully integrated chain to facilitate a technological cycle that encompasses everything: from design and development of plastic packaging to delivery of the finished product to the final customer. Continuous management and strict controls over all segments of the production chain as a whole and of every process taken separately allow us to track the order processing accuracy and product quality at all stages of the manufacturing process.

Today we offer our customers packaging made with three technologies - Extrusion blow moulding (EBM), PET stretch blow moulding (SBM) Polycarbonate extrusion blow moulding.

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Moulding Service and Repair

Our services go beyond the initial manufacturing stage. We offer service and repair for mouldings, ensuring the longevity and durability of your packaging solutions.

Crafting Unique Designs

Our experienced design team is at the heart of our creative process. We offer tailored design services for bottles and moulding forms, ensuring your product's packaging aligns with your vision and meets industry standards.

Custom Designs

We create packaging that aligns with your unique vision

High-Quality Mouldings

Our mouldings are crafted to meet industry standards

Full Service

From design to manufacturing and delivery, we've got it covered

Expert Team

Our skilled team ensures exceptional results

Expertly Crafted Caps and Closures

An effective closure system is an essential part of your product's packaging. It plays a significant role in both function and form, ensuring the product's safety while contributing to its overall visual appeal. At Gammaplast, we understand this and offer a variety of caps and closures to meet your specific needs.

Whether you're looking for classic screw caps, practical flip-tops, secure snap-ons, or innovative dispensing closures, we've got you covered. We also cater to custom requests, supplying closures in various colors, materials, and designs. Our expert team will guide you in selecting and designing the perfect cap or closure that aligns with your brand and meets the demands of your product.

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We offer a diverse range of cap and closure options


Choose colors and configurations that suit your brand


 Our caps and closures ensure secure sealing and ease of use

Integrated Solution

Caps and closures are an integral part of our packaging offer

Elevate Your Brand with Custom Decorations

One of the most effective ways to set your product apart in a crowded market is through distinctive packaging decoration. At Gammaplast, we use innovative decoration techniques to elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

From shrink sleeves that offer 360-degree coverage of your product for maximum visual impact to high-definition self-adhesive labels for a sleek and professional look, our decoration services cater to a wide range of aesthetic preferences. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your brand and create a design that authentically represents your business.

For businesses seeking bespoke solutions, we also offer custom decoration services. For instance, for juice squeezer operators, we provide bottles complete with labels and a slip-on cap, ensuring your product has a unique presentation that stands out on the shelf.

Shrink Sleeves

Offering 360-degree product coverage for maximum visual impact

Custom Solutions

We cater to unique requirements to ensure your product stands out

Self-Adhesive Labels

Providing a professional and clean look for your product

Brand Representation

Every decoration is designed to authentically represent your brand

Shrink Sleeve Labels and Funnel Kits

At Gammaplast, we elevate your product presentation with pre-applied shrink sleeve labels and offer comprehensive solutions with our funnel kits - a true embodiment of our turnkey solutions.

With Gammaplast, your packaging isn't just a container; it's an extension of your brand identity

The Gammaplast Advantage

At Gammaplast, we don't just provide services - we provide solutions. We're committed to providing the highest level of service, designed to meet your unique needs. We partner with  you at every step of the process, ensuring a seamless journey from idea to finished product.

To our clients we offer a full manufacturing cycle that includes all stages of product design and development: from suggesting attractive designer solutions and making the mould needed for mass production of bottles – all the way to the actual manufacturing of the plastic packaging product.

Let us show you the difference that a comprehensive, customized approach to packaging can make.

Post-Purchase Support

We're here to support you even after your purchase

Quality Assurance

We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards


We're always looking for ways to innovate and improve


We're not just a service provider - we're your partner

Ready to transform your packaging experience with Gammaplast's services? Contact us today and let's start the journey together.

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